The Beauty Behind The Pen:

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Brii Taylor was born, raised and resides in Portland, OR. At an early age, she found her passion for writing. What started off as her penning poems, short stories, and songs, quickly turned into her desire to become a writer.  It wasn't until she picked up her first Urban Fiction novel that she knew exactly what she wanted to write. 


In June of 2015, she started writing her first series titled, Love And A Thug. It was later published in August of 2015, under Urban Chapters Publication. Seeing that she had a true talent to capture the reader's attention, she continued to pen other works.


With much of her own experiences partnered with her faith in God, she has just enough to pen a 'Hood Romance With A Twist Of Jesus'. Her writing is a reflection of when culture meets Christ. Her biggest hope is that someone would pick up her books, and have a positive, life changing experience. 

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