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What's stopping me from stepping out on faith and pursuing the dreams I've envisioned since I

was 12? Why is it so hard to apply, go after, pursue, write, start, direct...ask for help? Today I asked myself this very question.


Yup, that is the biggest illusion we humans let get in the way, and stop us from doing things that will only help us prosper. According to Google's dictionary, the definition of fear is, "an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat."

'Unpleasant emotion'. 'Belief that someone or something is dangerous'. 'Cause pain, or a threat'. Okay, let's agree that fear is an unpleasant emotion. It causes overthinking, which leads to anxiety, self-doubt, which leads to depression. All of that is unpleasant, yes.

Let's look at the part where it says 'belief that someone or something is dangerous' and 'cause pain, or a threat'. (Belief) is where I have to stop and scratch my head, or pose like the thinking emoji.

According to Google's dictionary, Belief is, "an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists".


Now let's go back to fear, ad why I've allowed it to rule the way I make moves. Clearly I've accepted that the things that I envisioned aren't going to happen. It has to be that I don't accept that I'm good enough. It must be that I don't believe I'll be accepted by the audience I'm catering to. That's the thing though. I don't believe any of that. When I dream these BIG dreams, I see the BEST possibilities. I see lives changing for the better. I see something amazing--bigger than me, helping the world.

I no longer 'accept' that I'm not good enough. My ideas are valid. I will be a game changer. I am worth betting on. Goodbye Fear. You're not welcomed here.

Sooo...What's Stopping You?


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