Since he was a youth, Juwelz Davis always knew what he wanted. He did what was necessary to achieve his dreams and goals. Being a young, successful college grad and business owner, he lacks the one thing he’s been diligently praying for; the right woman to call his wife. That is until a distressed, single mother, Santana Jackson walks into his shop. Even with her circumstances, Juwelz finds himself infatuated with her. She’s exactly the woman that he’s been praying to God for. “He that finds a wife finds a good thing.” He believes Santana is his “good thing” and prays she feels the same.

Santana Jackson has gone thru the fire and the storm. Still, she has managed to keep her head above water. Her struggle started at the tender age of seventeen, when she got pregnant and abandoned by the child’s father. Along the way, she has lost the support of family and some she called friends. The one man she will never lose, she hasn’t called on him for help.

It wasn’t until she walked into Juwelz’ shop that she finally broke down and surrendered. Soon after, San starts to see blessings on top of blessings. One of her biggest blessings was meeting Juwelz. San doesn’t see it that way. She’s still hurt over the past and uses it as a wall to keep him out of her mind and heart. However, “Prayer changes things” and that’s all Juwelz has been doing. Is he praying to have the wrong woman? After being hurt by people so much, will San trust God to open her heart for love again?

A Love Worth Waiting For (Paperback)