“‘Cause I need somebody who will stand by me…”  __ New Edition


Isi and Yanna are back and better than before. After suffering an unexpected miscarriage, they receive a new blessing. It wasn’t ideal but a blessing nonetheless. With Isi’s hectic work schedule, Yanna is feeling the effects of it. Will their blessing become more of a burden for her? Will he officially hang up his vest and be more in tune with his family?


“There’s nothing wrong being in love with someone…” __ Al Green


Newly wedded, Lah and Kori are deeply in love. Neither expected to fall for one another but it happened. Still on cloud nine, they get snatched down by Kori’s near death experience. Now Lah is on a war path and Kori is afraid for her life. Is their love and marriage strong enough for the journey ahead?

“I’m hoping that you’ll always be around…” __ Queen Naija


It took them a minute to get it right, but Rell and Rizz are finally together. Now that they are, what’s next for them? They worked so well as best friends and lovers. Will it be the same as a couple?